How It Works

Our innovative infant bodysuit with No Snaps or Zippers drastically simplifies the diaper changing experience.

The Skadoosie patented design also opens up for stress-free dressing and features a diaper change slot so you can always keep your little one clean!

We are adamant about using only 100% breathable cotton. Our Made in the USA cotton aides in reducing rashes and allergies to unknown chemicals often used by other infant bodysuit manufacturers.  

Here at Skadoosie we feel truly blessed to honor parents with an easy, safe, special gift just for them and their new little one!

What People Are Saying

Candice S. -

"I love, love love! I just need the sizes to beyond 6 months so I can order as my baby grows. The fabric is soft and the concept is ingenious!"

Patricia B. -

"I absolutely love these! Super easy to put on and off. What i loved most was that i didn't have to worry about hurting my baby with pulling it over his head to change him, it just goes right on under and over! so convenient! The material is all organic which was a huge plus for me because some clothing can irritate baby skin! I recommend you try these!"

Jodie L. -

"One of the coolest baby shower gifts I've seen is made by Skadoosie. It's an infant bodysuit that is made with 100 percent cotton, has baby soft Velcro and an unique rear diaper check slot, which I think is extremely helpful."

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