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Skadoosie makes diaper changing as easy as 1,2,3!

What's different about the Skadoosie besides being made in the U.S.A.?

No need to be perfect, Skadoosie makes diaper changing a breeze! We are Dad and grandparent approved.
No overhead application, the Skadoosie goes on just like a blouse!



Why hasn’t anybody made this sooner? So easy peasy my husband can actually change a diaper now, without his fear of hurting a newborn. No more over the head application and scrunching their little arms in, and best of all NO MORE DARN SNAPS! (my husband always left them hanging on our first child) What I enjoy the most is the rear diaper check slot. I can actually check my babys diaper without pulling down pants or the smell test. Love the baby soft Velcro®, 100% white cotton with cute purple stitching (gender neutral) and is made in the good ole’ USA!!!!!
They come in a stylish pillow box with ribbon and a rhinestone purple bow. (love bling) It’s like opening a present, the Skadoosie® is wrapped in a multi-colored organza fabric. This is definitely not your dollar Onesie® at Walmart! Perfect for baby showers…you don’t even have to wrap it up! Worth the price!!

Tina- Vista, CA

The Gucci of Onesies!

 I was pleasantly surprised and felt really special when I first opened my Baby Shower Gift from Skadoosie. It was like the Gucci of Onesies, with its bling bow and organza fabric wrapped up with a gold sticker that said "A Gift for You"

Stacy El Dorado Hills, CA

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