• Skadoosie makes changing diapers as easy as 1,2,3.

  • No more over the head struggle!

  • Travel easy Diaper check slot lets you know what you are in for!

  • Patented and Made in the USA

  • Completly Customizable! If you can think of it we can put it on a Skadoosie.




What makes the Skadoosie unique?

* Baby Soft Hook & Loop Fastener
*No Arm and Overhead Struggling
* 100% Breathable Natural Cotton 

 * USA Made
*Allergy free
* Dad and Arthritic Friendly
* Travel Easy  Diaper Check Slot
*Easy Skin to Skin Therapy 
* Eco Friendly Packaging
* Comes Gift Ready


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Shop now

  • "One of the coolest baby shower gifts I've seen is made by Skadoosie. It's an infant bodysuit that is made with 100 percent cotton, has baby soft Velcro and an unique rear diaper check slot, which I think is extremely helpful." - Jodie Lynn St. Louis Post-Dispatch

  • "The Gucci of Onesies! I was pleasantly surprised and felt really special when I first opened my Baby Shower Gift from Skadoosie. It was like the Gucci of Onesies, with its bling bow and organza fabric wrapped up with a gold sticker that said "A Gift for You" - Stacy El Dorado Hills Ca.

  • "LOVE MY SKADOOSIE®! Why hasn’t anybody made this sooner? So easy peasy my husband can actually change a diaper now, without his fear of hurting a newborn. No more over the head application and scrunching their little arms in, and best of all NO MORE DARN SNAPS! (my husband always left them hanging on our first child) What I enjoy the most is the rear diaper check slot. I can actually check my babys diaper without pulling down pants or the smell test. Love the baby soft Velcro®, 100% white cotton with cute purple stitching (gender neutral) and is made in the good ole’ USA!!!!! They come in a stylish pillow box with ribbon and a rhinestone purple bow. (love bling) It’s like opening a present, the Skadoosie® is wrapped in a multi-colored organza fabric. This is definitely not your dollar Onesie® at Walmart! Perfect for baby showers…you don’t even have to wrap it up! Worth the price!!" - Tina Vista Ca.

  • "What a great experience I had in the purchase of my gift combo packages of Skadoosies! I had the delightful privilege of meeting the inventor/owner, Janet DeMaria, of this amazingly useful product in our shared hometown of Placerville, CA. The wonderful part of buying the gift combo packages is that all the new moms in our lives will get an adorable onesie in a uniquely designed package. Janet thought of everything so now I'm going to be very popular with all our new moms." Sincerely grateful, J.D. of Placerville, CA

  • "We've been using the Skadoosies. They're a regular part of his clothing cycle. They're easy to put on and take off, so feel free to give them two thumbs up from Team Declan!" Thank you again for sending them ❤️