About Us

Our Skadoosie Team strives to ensure those first few weeks are as stress free as possible on baby as well as parents. We our adamant about our 100% USA breathable cotton aiding in any allergies to unknown chemicals from other bodysuit manufacturers.  

Our packaging is designed to make our gift to you a special moment to remember. Childbirth is monumental in it's self and should not be taken for granted. We feel truly blessed that we get to honor parents with a special gift just for them and their new little one! 

My Story 

Janet DeMaria, Inventor/CEO 

My husbands passing from Mesothelioma (asbestos cancer) set me on a journey i had never foreseen. I was left to raise our 13 year old son on my own when most boys need their father. Of course my first priority was my son, but as he grew and became more independent i had more time to pursue other interests. Wanting to give back to my community and help other busy working families i took up babysitting! Having not changed a diaper in 20+ years i was dumbfounded that the bodysuit still had snaps! I hated them then and i hate them now. Hence my project the Skadoosie. Little did I know that endeavor would turn into an award winning company!