About Us


The Skadoosie Team strives to ensure that the first several months of your infant's life are as stress free as possible.

Our innovative infant bodysuit with No Snaps or Zippers drastically simplifies the diaper changing experience.

We are adamant about using only 100% breathable cotton. Our Made in the USA cotton aides in reducing rashes and allergies to unknown chemicals often used by other infant bodysuit manufacturers.  

Here at Skadoosie we feel truly blessed to honor parents with an easy, safe, special gift just for them and their new little one! 

Janet's Story 


After the passing of Janet’s husband from Asbestos Cancer, she was left to raise her 13 year- old son on her own.  Even though she was
busy being a full- time mom, Janet still felt as though she was missing something from her life. Instead of going back into the workforce, she felt driven to reinvent herself. Janet felt inspired to give back to the community by helping other busy working families.

It was through babysitting and taking care of other infants that Janet discovered the infant body suit had not changed for over 100 years. While driving home one evening, Janet questioned why the body suit was still made with snaps or zippers when everything else these days was made with Self Fasteners.

Janet’s entrepreneurial spirit kicked into gear. She immediately began making patterns and prototypes using her babysitting families as models for a no snap/ no zipper bodysuit. After receiving much positive feedback, Janet perfected her prototype and launched the now award-winning Skadoosie.



We're happy to announce that the US Government has finalized the ban on the ongoing use of asbestos to keep our future generations safe from this awful disease. This is a step in the right direction, but there is much more work to be done!

Read the EPA Press Release Here

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