"I absolutely love these! Super easy to put on and off. What i loved most was that i didn't have to worry about hurting my baby with pulling it over his head to change him, it just goes right on under and over! so convenient! The material is all organic which was a huge plus for me because some clothing can irritate baby skin! I recommend you try these!"

- Patricia B.


"Love, love, love…I ordered the Skadoosie Baby Gift Box for one of my coworkers and she loved every item. The gift box was filled with an array of products: books, stuffed animal and more. She raved about the quality of the organic fabric, as well as the design of the Skadoosie.Chemical free products, innovative design and made in the’s a no-brainer. Highly recommended"

- Phyliss D.


"One of the coolest baby shower gifts I've seen is made by Skadoosie. It's an infant bodysuit that is made with 100 percent cotton, has baby soft Velcro and an unique rear diaper check slot, which I think is extremely helpful."

- Jodie L.


"I have bought several of these for myself and my friends. You can't believe how easy they are to put on and off. Plus the ck pocket is so easy and simple to ck the diapers. My kids lived in these! I really recommend getting one and trying it out. Or go in with a few moms to get a discount! You will love them!"

- Verified Customer


"Fabulous product. I gave as a gift & they loved it!"

- Salese K.