Sticker Subscription boxes for kids - Feat. Pipsticks

Sticker Subscription boxes for kids - Feat. Pipsticks

Stickers are downright magical when you’re a kid.  It’s true that if you give a kid a box of stickers, they’ll clear out their schedule to play with them until they’re all gone.  It’s this sentiment that brought Pipsticks to create a monthly sticker subscription box that you and your kid will love to accessorize your lives with.  Let’s fill you in on what each subscription box includes and which package you should sign up for!

What is Pipsticks?

There are subscription boxes out there for practically everything nowadays.  Standing out in a sea of child-related subscription boxes, there is Pipsticks: the sticker subscription box that features stickers that are hand-picked by worldwide sticker designers.  This is a great idea seeing as purchasing sheets of stickers on a one-off basis can get expensive and even when you purchase them in a bundle, the amount of quality and variety doesn’t quite hit the mark.

What’s in the Box?

Pipsticks makes it easy to understand which box is right for you or your kid.  You can either choose from the Kid’s Club or Pro Club subscription box model. The Kid’s Club is self-explanatory while the Pro Club is geared towards stickers that feature a more mature vibe to them.  The lowest cost subscription box in each model is the Petite (Pro and Kids). This package will run you $9.99/month and is an insanely popular starter sticker subscription box.  

With this subscription, you get:

  • 7 sheets of Stickers
  • Paper goodies
  • A reusable holographic pouch
  • An issue of Pippy, sticker club zine
  • 1 VIP Raffle Entry
  • 5% off in their online shop
  • Exclusive coupons & printables
  • Access to the Sticker Club Facebook group

If the Petite subscription isn’t quite cutting it for you, then you can bump up to the Pro or Kid Club Classic box to more than double your sticker allotment to 15 sheets for $14.95/month.

The Bottom Line

Whether you’re looking to give your kids something constructive to do for a few hours or bedazzle your own workspace to show everyone how much of a sticker junkie you are, Pipsticks has you covered.  All their sticker boxes are mailed to you in a cool, unique envelope that is sure to make you giddy like a school girl once you pull it out of your mail slot. If you’re not a fan of dropping big bucks on sticker books, then check out Pipsticks!

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