Why Bedtime Stories Are Important

Why Bedtime Stories Are Important

Setting a good bedtime routine with your child is incredibly important for their development and peace of mind.  Whereas some parents tend to focus on the routine leading up to bedtime (dinner, bath time, hygiene, potty, etc.) they don’t put as much emphasis into reading their child a good bedtime story.  Even if your child isn’t hanging onto every word of the book, the quality time that you spend with them will be something that they will cherish for the rest of their life.  Let’s look closer at the main reasons why bedtime stories are important and how you can start incorporating a nightly book (or 2 or 3) into your child’s bedtime routine.

Quality Time/Family Bonding

In these days of hustle and bustle, parents often don’t get to spend real quality time with their children.  Reading a story can help bring you and your child closer together to bond over a story and share a moment that will last forever.  Spending individual time by cuddling up with your child and reading a good book right before bed is incredibly valuable for their brain development as well.  Strengthening your bond with your child through a good book will help them understand more about you and continue to build your relationship through the years.

Social Communication Enhancement

Books teach children valuable life lessons about unique scenarios that they will most likely experience at some point in their lives.  Concepts such as sharing, playing nicely, not hitting, speaking with manners, and other topics can be explored within a book.  If your child has been exuding behaviors that you might not agree with, reading a book that details what they are feeling in a context that they can understand is key.  Books also provide your child a way to cope with their emotions in these situations and allow you to open a meaningful dialogue with them that will improve their communication skills and enhance their vocabulary.


Being a kid is all about running during the day and soaking up as much of the world around you as possible.  Sometimes, it can be tough for a child to know when to slow down and take a second to breathe.  That’s where a nice bedtime book helps to wind down your little one and get more REM and deep sleep at night (which will help them retain more of what they’ve learned and be happier and healthier).  The act of your reading will calm your child into becoming calmer (especially if you’re doing silly voices) and pay more attention to the enjoyment of the story.

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